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1. (n.) Onomatopoeia for the noise that a bells makes, when rung
What does the bell say? Bring-a-ling.

2. (interj.) A greeting, especially from one biker to another
Hey, you’re riding your bike. So am I. Bring-a-ling.

3. (interj.) A notification of one’s presence, especially from a biker to a car
I know Detroit’s the Motor City but bring-a-ling, I’m here too!

4. (interj.) An expression of happiness
bring-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling on the joy!


Bring-a-Lings are high quality Detroit-themed bicycle bells with a heart. Bells feature images that represent the joy of biking, scenes from around Detroit, and other stuff we think looks cool on bells.

Bring-a-Ling was created in 2014 to provide “thank you gifts” to those who donated to The Tricycle Collective in order to help families whose homes were being sold in an online auction to buy their homes. To this day, $1 of each sale goes to support The Tricycle Collective, for a total of $1140 as of January 2017.

Bells are available at bike shops around Detroit, online at Etsy, or the new-old fashioned way- with an email and a conversation.


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